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5 years a happy customer. Navigated RIA rigmarole; established account identical to Xoom account: Direct Deposit money into recipient's bank account and debit my US bank account. Initiated first transaction. One day later RIA emailed me it's "Verification Team" cancelled transaction because could not verify my new account. I called "Verification Team". Their reason for cancelling transaction: transfer destined for Philippines. If I... Read more

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These guys are *** artists at best and I am being generous with my praise. This business is classic example of "bait and switch". Rates aren't the best and you are better off sending money through your bank or through a reputable institution. Don't fall for their referral fee scam. Yes, it is a scam. Both the person who referred me and the guy who referred him haven't seen their $20. My only problem is that most review sites only have... Read more

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The worst service you can expect. They took a whole week to transfer my money, when they promised to transfer it within 2-3 business days. Today is day 6 when I checked the status and its still showing "in process".... I called the customer service and told them its an urgent transfer but they acted like they just dont care. I need to send the money urgent. So I asked them for cancelling the transaction so that I can send the money by using... Read more

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I have been transferring money from four months, there will be always one kind of issue with these people and customer service will never answer my phone calls.They will deduct money from our account in 5 seconds after clicking submit but will transfer money after 5 business days. I thought to give zero rating for these but unfortunately we do not have zero rating, these people doesn't have any courtesy.You may think that why I didn't post my... Read more

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My money was under review for hours which is unfair and the staffs are familiar with the sender that he was my relative(me receiver) within the U.S. Why was the money under review any way Read more

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Ria Money Trasnfer service is used to send money to my home country. Also there is referal program to refer friends. It seems it is to just attract the customers to register and use their service from which they earn money in their business. After we refer the people, and they do register, still the system says they haven't signup yet. They wont sent any Gift cards. They do false statements. If we call the customer care, even after few hours of... Read more

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